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Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program

February 23, 2022

Attn Trainers:

We are looking for employers willing to hire recent graduates of the Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program.  This is an      8-week virtual course, which open to anyone interested in starting a career in the Equine Industry.  Student’s experience with horse can vary, and some will have none.  

For Employers who hire the students, there are subsidies up to:

  • 2 weeks full pay ($15/hour for 40 hours) 
  • 4 weeks of partial pay ($250) 
  • $1000 compensation for Employer training participants at placements – this last compensation to be approved before being granted

For interested employers there is paperwork to be completed.

The business needs a proper business/tax number and a proper payroll with Canada Pension and Employment Insurance deductions

Workplace must pass an inspection to ensure that it meets all the current Workplace Standards

For more information, contact:

Corinne Phillips – HBPA 416-675-3802 or