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Educational Assistance

The purpose of the HBPA of Ontario’s Educational Assistance program is to encourage eligible candidates to further their academic careers beyond the high school level at a recognized institution.

The maximum amount paid for any applicant is currently $1,000 per calendar year and applications are accepted year round.

Any one applicant is eligible to receive assistance thorough this program for a maximum of four years. For those students, under the age of 26, seeking assistance beyond the maximum four year term must be approved by the HBPA’s Board of Director. Please note that Educational Assistance is a taxable benefit.

The benefit is provided to children (under the age of 26) of:

  • A current member of the Association (Owner/Trainer) who owns a race horse currently competing in Ontario
  • A deceased member
  • A current backstretch employee that have been employed full time by a member
  • A current backstretch employee whose child is pursuing studies in the equine industry

Members and/or backstretch employees must have a minimum of five concurrent years of service and be licensed by the AGCO. Applicants and licensed Members must reside full time in the province of Ontario and the Member must be Canadian citizen.

If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact one of our offices for additional information. Please fill out the full application.