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Third Party Insurance

Is a program for Trainers of the HBPA of Ontario to protect their assets in the event they are liable for bodily injury or damage to property arising from equine activities (breeding, racing, sales, training). This special program has been designed exclusively with HBPA of Ontario Trainers equine exposures in mind.

Who Is Covered?

  • Trainers residing in the Province of Ontario, Canada who are currently licensed by the AGCO and are in good standing with the HBPA of Ontario.
  • Must be an Ontario resident with evidence of residency for at least 6 months prior to claim.
  • Restricted to liability from ownership or training of racehorses.
  • $5,000 deductible per claim.

If you have had an accident please contact the HBPA of Ontario Administration Office at 416-747-5252 for assistance.